Volunteer Recognition Event

On April 27, in collaboration with Aurora Youth Options, we held a volunteer recognition event. The purpose of this event was to celebrate and thank all the amazing volunteers we have had over the past year. The party was held at Moe’s BBQ in Aurora, and if you have never been in there before you need to go. Amazing atmosphere, food, service, and fun! We are thankful for being able to partner with a local business to celebrate. The volunteers were recognized with certificates of appreciation, free food, and free bowling. Our volunteers contribute enormously to our success, and many of the programs would not be able to happen without them. Their dedication to us and the community is truly inspiring, and the work they do helps many community members in Aurora. All of our programs are ran by volunteers who dedicate themselves to the community and others. This concept has helped our community grow and feel empowered as they can take ownership of our center. The programs are led with the community and resilience ┬áin mind. The Aurora Strong Resilience Center can’t thank all of our volunteers enough, you are the reason we do what we do. THANK YOU!

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