Community Survey Results!

We have been working on a community survey to help us understand you all better, grow relationships, and build programs. We want to share the results with you all. If you have any questions or want to fill our a survey please reach out to us, and we would be happy to assist you with anything. Thanks, and hope all is well!

Aurora Strong Resilience Center

Community Survey Results – May 2017

Purpose: Push desired programs to forefront, figure out what is going well and what isn’t, build relationships with our clients and community, find ways to improve our services, and reflect on the results to find our strengths and weaknesses.

Who designed? Survey designed by Program Coordinator Marc Garstka and Intern Reed Haight

Time frame: February 23, 2017-Present

How the survey was completed, tools used to complete: Survey was administered to community members who live around our building in the community, who use our building, and walk in clients. The survey is only in print and can completed with pen or pencil. No electronic version is available yet. Survey can be completed in our building or taken home and brought back. Survey was also available in Spanish. We didn’t leave surveys in mailboxes or mail any out. Everybody who started a survey completed it, although some answers were left blank. Distribution of the survey will continue until the end of the summer.

Total number of surveys delivered # 50 % completed 100%

Female: 76% Male: 24%

White: 43% Black: 48% Latino/a: 9% Other 0%

Total Age Range Between: 15-85       Average Age: 56

What issues are important in your community?

Mental Health: 90%

Education: 90%

Police Relationships: 57%

Food and Nutrition: 52%

Sports: 52%

Other: Music

What Programs have you attended?

Education: 48%

Health: 43%

Mental Health: 29%

Fitness: 19%

Crafts: 10%

Trainings: 5%

Party: 10%

How useful was this program?

Very Useful: 95% Somewhat useful: 5%

What kind of programs are you interested in?

Mental Health: 38%

Education: 38%

Health: 33%

Trainings: 33%

Fitness: 24%

Crafts: 19%

Music: 5%

What would make programs more accessible to you?

Food and beverage supplied: 24%

Child care: 14%

Wheel chair access: 10%

Language services: 10%

What is the best way for ASRC to inform you about programs?

Phone: 38%

Email: 19%

Social media: 29%

Calendar: 5%


“I love this place. I come here and volunteer and it just feels like home.”

“I would like to see the YMCA diabetes program expanded. In June I’ll be finished the program I started last July which has been absolutely great for me. I would like something to reinforce what I’ve learned so far.”

“I am 80 year old and enjoy everything I have had an experience here. Also the people are so friendly and Steven who does acupuncture is wonderful. Thank you all.”

Service Survey Results:

How would you rate your experience at the ASRC? 4.77

How satisfied are you with the variety or resource we can provide?  4.64

How would you rate the knowledgeability of the staff? 4.62

How would you rate the overall atmosphere of the ASRC? 4.73

How satisfied are you with the different classes we offer? 4.55

Did ASRC meet your expectations? Yes: 71% No: 0%

Did the staff welcome you when you arrived? Yes: 95% No: 5%

Do staff members seem to be interested in you? Yes: 64% No: 0%

Was there something about your experience that you found particularly satisfactory?

“diabetes class and free acupuncture/” “the classes” “Openness to the community” “this is a place of learning, helping the community with information for their needs” “compassion about the staff” “just that everyone is caring and interesting”

Was there something that was unsatisfactory?

“just that the instructors didn’t show up” “I took tai chi here once and the instructor asked my father (Stephen Bert) to have me not return fyi I was post operative back fatision patient”

Any other comments:

“Thank you for allowing us and the community to gather in this safe place” “More employees, more youth coming in”

Overview – How this information will be used.


This information that we have been gathering is important to ASRC for many reasons. The results are from our clients and our community and we take what they have to say very seriously as we are here for them and want to have programs that they need and want. The voices of the people we serve are heard in this survey and we will be creating, sustaining, and developing further programs based on what we learn from them. From the results we can make changes to how we interact with clients, what we provide, and how we provide the services we offer. Another key from this survey is the knowledge we gained about our community and clients. We also were able to build relationships with people who might not have be aware of who we are, and in turn have spread our reach farther. The survey was essential to the growth of ASRC, and will continue to provide valuable data to help us continue to serve Aurora and the community.

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