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All of us experience trauma throughout our lives in one way or another.  While most events are minor, a single traumatic experience can be life altering. Some people may have no long term effects, while others may carry the mental and physical scars from trauma for days, weeks, months, or even years.

The Aurora Strong Resilience Center is a source of free direct services and resources for anyone to learn how to build personal resilience skills, and also to help manage stress and its impact on peoples’ lives. The Resilience Center was established by concerned citizens and organizations to be able to serve anyone who has been trying to build a stronger, healthier life and a greater sense of well-being after experiencing trauma.

For more information, please call 303-739-1580

Aurora Strong Resilience Center Brochure

Great News! Construction is coming for our parking lot and playground!  

In order to minimize inconvenience and facilitate planning for our valued partners in the community, we want to update you on upcoming construction near our building.  The playground and grass areas at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center will be extended with a modern play area and park for the community to enjoy. Parking will be impacted and occasionally one of the entrances may be closed for a short period of time.  Construction is scheduled to start September 2016, and will complete sometime in March 2017, depending on the weather and other potential unknowns.  Please contact Aurora Strong Resilience Center staff if there are any questions. 



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