YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program Information Night!

CHANGE IS TOUGH—WE CAN HELP! Let’s face it, if change were easy we’d all do it. You’ve spent years developing habits that you can’t expect to change over- night. It’s tough. We can help. Come join the YMCA for a FREE night of learning, taking charge of your wellness and understanding your health risks.

Learn about the YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program, play “wisdom on wellness” and win exciting prizes to help you start your happier, healthier life and learn how to make an affordable, healthy snack on Monday, February 27, 2017 from 5:30-6:30pm. Seats are limited. Please contact Caitlin Stackpool to RSVP at cstackpool@denverymca.org or (720) 390-9459.

New Art Donation!
We would like to send a special thank you to Michele Gutlove for donating a wonderful piece of art to commemorate the Aurora Theater Shooting.  She donated a beautiful white dove that is now hanging in our building for all to come and see.  Michele is a magnificent artist who travels all around the world providing glass art to those in need. The dove is a timeless symbol of peace. Please click here to see more of Michele’s art and the work she does.

Elevator Construction!

Hi Friends!

I want you to be aware of a major update taking place at the Hoffman Building. The City of Aurora will be replacing the elevator in the building. After the construction we will have a nice, new elevator to use. It is going to be a major remodel! With that being said it will have a major effect on you, us, and our programs. The start date for the construction is January 23,2017 and it is estimated to last 3-4 weeks. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your patience during this time. During the renovation certain sessions/programs will be held in the upper area of the building where stairs will not be a factor. Please keep an eye out from your program leader and us to see where you will be meeting. Locations may vary on a weekly basis, and if you are ever confused please don’t hesitate to ask somebody. Thank you for your cooperation as the elevator gets remodeled. More updates will come as we have them.

 Classes Coming Soon!

Yoga classes have begun in the community room every Thursday from 5:30-6:30 pm. We will also begin a new weekly class on Tuesday,  February 7 from 6-7 pm. Please come check out our classes that focus on building resilience skills and learning how to get in tune with your body. The classes are open to all ages and ability levels. Namaste!

Starting Friday February 3rd  we will be hosting FREE acupuncture for the community. The Colorado Acupuncture Medical Reserve Corps will be here from 10 am-1 pm to provide ear acupuncture to the community. They will be here every Tuesday following, and they are trained professionals who have worked with all types of people all over the world. It is a noninvasive procedure that can help with stress, trauma, and pain in the body. This type of treatment has been used for centuries to help people who have experience trauma and other tragedies.  Acupuncture is an alternative to other medicines that can help you reset your mind and body. Come build some resilience skills with experts! For more information on them please visit www.coloradoacupuncturemrc.org   Hope to see you there!

Aurora Together!

Check out this article highlighting the Aurora Together event!  The Aurora Strong Resilience Center along with many other community organizations created a night for the community to come and listen to experts talk about the future of our country and how Aurora will be impacted. Sabe Kremer is a member of Aurora Youth Options, and valued team member.

Aurora Together Article 

Everyone Is Welcome

All of us experience trauma throughout our lives in one way or another.  While most events are minor, a single traumatic experience can be life altering. Some people may have no long term effects, while others may carry the mental and physical scars from trauma for days, weeks, months, or even years.

The Aurora Strong Resilience Center is a source of free direct services and resources for anyone to learn how to build personal resilience skills, and also to help manage stress and its impact on peoples’ lives. The Resilience Center was established by concerned citizens and organizations to be able to serve anyone who has been trying to build a stronger, healthier life and a greater sense of well-being after experiencing trauma.

For more information, please call 303-739-1580

Aurora Strong Resilience Center Brochure

Great News! Construction has started on the new playground and open space area!

In order to minimize inconvenience and facilitate planning for our valued partners in the community, we want to update you on the ongoing construction near our building.  The playground and grass areas at the Aurora Strong Resilience Center will be extended with a modern play area and park for the community to enjoy. Parking will be impacted and occasionally one of the entrances may be closed for a short period of time.  Construction has started, and will hopefully be completed sometime in March 2017, depending on the weather and other potential unknowns.  Please contact Aurora Strong Resilience Center staff if there are any questions. 



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